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The Philippine Embassy in Athens conducted a consular mission to Nicosia on 7-8 May 2022.  It is the fifth consular mission to the country for the year.  A total of 219 newly- issued passports processed in March were released to Filipinos in Cyprus. 

The mission also coincided with the tail-end of the voting period for Philippine National Elections on 09 May 2022.  Filipino voters in Cyprus who received their voting packets by mail submitted their ballots to the Embassy’s Special Ballot Custody and Reception Group.   The voters who had not received their voting packets and personally appeared were provided replacement ballots following the execution of an affidavit allowing them to vote in accordance with instructions from COMELEC.

The COMELEC decision allowing voters to vote in person if they have not received their voting packets by mail in countries where postal is the method of voting, was welcomed by voters as a number of them did not receive their mailed ballots on time.

The Embassy’s team was assisted by volunteers from the Filipino organizations Obreras and Overseas Filipino Volunteers in Cyprus.

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